Medicaid Planning Hermitage & New Castle, PA

Sick and Tired of Paying High Medical Bills?

Seek Medicaid crisis planning in New Castle or Hermitage, PA

Do you have a medical crisis plan in place if you become ill or need long-term care? Don't wait until you're sick or needing quality care. Start planning for the unexpected right now with Beacon Estate Planning and Elder Law, LLC in New Castle, PA. We'll go over all of the Medicaid benefits with you and help you choose the most appropriate course of action.

Don't go through a medical crisis alone

Many families believe they can navigate through Medicaid and still obtain positive results without adequately knowing the law. But did you know that one mistake with the Medicaid application process can result in thousands of dollars of lost assets or even cause the individual who needs medical care to be disqualified from Medicaid? Hire a reputable Medicaid crisis attorney to get the quality medical care you need. We will:

  • Analyze your finances to see if you are eligible for Medicaid
  • Protect your assets so that you don't have to sell or liquidate any resources
  • Apply for Medicaid benefits and get you the quality care you deserve

Whether you need Medicaid to help with nursing home care or in-home care, we'll work diligently to find the best possible solution for you. Call Beacon Estate Planning and Elder Law, LLC at 412-404-3355 today to schedule your consultation in New Castle or Hermitage, PA.

If you're asking yourself "how to pay for my parents nursing home?" contact the professionals at Beacon Estate Planning and Elder Law, LLC in New Castle & Hermitage, PA.