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The best time to plan is now. Over your life, we learn, grow and save – and you want your legacy to survive. Are you prepared for what lies ahead? The team at Beacon Estate Planning and Elder Law, LLC in New Castle, PA is here to help you plan for the future today.
You may need estate planning services like creating a will to secure your assets. You might need a medical crisis plan in place for emergencies. Whatever your needs, we’ll walk you through the legal process & answer your questions you have along the way.
Free in home consultations in New Castle PA, Hermitage PA and the general Pittsburgh region are available. Plan ahead by hiring a trained estate planning and elder law attorney serving you in all of Western Pennsylvania. You will be surprised at how much you can protect.
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Over your life, you’ve accumulated many things. Memories, friends and financial assets. When you talk about a sudden and severe medical emergency or death, those most precious things you’ve collected all come together. But, what if you don’t have the proper planning in place when that time comes?

In Pennsylvania, whether you are living in New castle, Hermitage or Butler (or anywhere else), these numbers will only get bigger. The average nursing home stay means that you are looking at, on average, giving a quarter of a million dollars to Medicaid and the nursing home. Unless? Unless you have the right planning!


Average Monthly Nursing Home Stay In Pennsylvania


Years Of An Average Nursing Home Stay In Pennsylvania


Likelihood Of Needing Nursing Home Or Skilled Medical Care


Average Nursing Home Bill For A Resident Of Pennsylvania

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David M. Bauer, Esquire

Attorney Bauer graduated from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA with a bachelor’s in political science. He received Juris Doctorate from Duquesne University School of Law in 2014. While at Duquesne University School of Law, he co-founded the Sole Practitioner Society to facilitate the process of young attorneys transitioning into small or solo practices. He has served professionally as a solo general practitioner assisting clients in multiple areas of the law including criminal law, family law, civil law, and estate planning before co-founding Swisher, Bauer, & Luciano, PLLC and Beacon Estate Planning and Elder Law.

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